Snake Plant in "Neptune" Grey Terra Cotta

Snake Plant in "Neptune" Grey Terra Cotta

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Designed in Copenhagen, hand made in Tuscany, Silver Garden Co offers our plants beautifully styled in timeless terra cotta.

The Snake Plant is a truly easy-care plant. Each leaf brings a unique bold center and highlighted edge to attract the eye. 

The Neptune Pot is part of the "Planets" series, designed by Christian Buur Bangsgaard. The Planet Series arose from the versatile designer's fascination with modular structure, and features layered rings of different sizes. Taut design meets soft finish, resulting in the Planet Series.

While plants can thrive in a variety of pots, terra cotta is their favorite in-door home. 

The baked clay is porous, allowing extra water to evaporate easier, and oxygen to get to the roots. This makes for happy plants. And happy plants make for happy homes and happy plant parents.

The Neptune pot can work in-doors our outdoors. 

As for the Snake Plant, she will love a any spot in your home that does not receive harsh direct afternoon light. A thorough water once per month will keep her happy. 

Pot Dimensions: 10" tall, 8" wide

Care: Easy

Water: 1-2 times per month depending on lighting

Light: Bright, indirect

Please note each pot or saucer is hand finished; some variation in color and texture should be expected. Due to the porous quality of natural clay, items will change color or patina over time to exposure to water, handling and salts found in soil.