Pothos Pearls and Jade in "Copenhagen" Glazed Petroleum Blue

Pothos Pearls and Jade in "Copenhagen" Glazed Petroleum Blue

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The Pearls and Jade pothos is a wonderful variety to add to your collections. It will put out long vines and new leaves with ease. Each leaf will have a unique pattern of greens, creams, and in-between colors - this makes for a great plant to propagate. 

The glaze finish in Petroleum Blue beautifully accents the decorative upper lip on these planters. 

Take a moment to zoom in and look at the details on the photo. 

The Copenhagen pot can work in-doors our outdoors and is designed to last for generations. 

As for the pothos, they require water only once a week or so, so it is easy super easy to care for them.

This pothos makes a great addition to a book shelf, table, desk, nightstand or kitchen nook.

Care: Easy

Water: Once every 7-10 days

Light: Any / Indirect bright

Please note each pot or saucer is hand finished; some variation in color and texture should be expected. Due to the porous quality of natural clay, items will change color or patina over time to exposure to water, handling and salts found in soil.