Monstera Adansonii (Swiss cheese Plant) in "Helena" Rose Quartz Glazed

Monstera Adansonii (Swiss cheese Plant) in "Helena" Rose Quartz Glazed

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A new arrival for Fall 2022 at Silver Garden Co, the Helena Pot instantly adds a new must-have planter for your collection.

The scalloped clay fringe along the top edge of the beautiful Helena Pot gives it a soft and classic look.

Inspired by the great Italian potters of the last millennia, the decorative rim adds a timeless accent to the classic pot. 

This is part of the colorful "glazed" collection of indoor pots and vases, all glazed by hand. 

The inspiration of our timeless glazing palette is rooted in Scandinavia and the glazed collections saturated with intense colurs are accentuating the nuances between each pot.

The richness and depth of colors are intensified by the sturdy and sumptuous glazes all adding character to the signature pots and vases. 

Created using the old-fashioned methods – all the pots and vases are glazed by hand to obtain durability and full depth of color and sturdiness in our glazes.

Care: Moderate

Water: Once every 5-7 days

Light: Indirect bright