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We truly love what we do.

Plants bring us joy. Our goal is to help bring you joy by pairing the perfect, easy-care plant in a beautifully styled planter for your home. 

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Our Journey - The Home Garden

When we bought our first house together in Miami 2017, it had a large, uncared-for garden bed in the back. Little did we know at the time, but the garden bed was actually set up for failure. 

It was in a shady spot, was infected with nematodes and was basically neglected with some overgrown arugula. Sidenote: if you really want to wake up your tastebuds, try mature arugula. 

Cat in a newly Planted Garden

Rob is a researcher at heart, and likes to fully understand all the variables involved with something like a garden bed, so he started researching and we even went to classes together on gardening. 

With solid foundational knowledge, we built three more raised beds for a total of four and started growing our own food. 

New plantlings in raised garden bed, bok choi, lettuce, arugula

It was an amazing and rewarding and taught us that you can never achieve perfection - you just need to prepare and go with the flow. This is especially true in South Florida's tropical weather. 

With home organic gardening, you will always have to deal with some pest, rain storm or other variable. You learn to solve problems before they happen and solve them as best as you can if they occur. 

Tobacco Hornworm Caterpillar

Paralysis by analysis is really the only wrong decision. When you see a problem you need to act right away, even if you don't have all the details. A good life skill. 

Over the next two years, we really focused on improving our outdoor food garden and have had some amazing home grown vegetables.

 Baby Eggplant Ready for Harvest

Rob's favorite is the baby eggplants, delicious when you roast or grill them. Mel really loves the Bok Choi. P.s. - Bok Choi is probably the most photogenic plant.

Bok Choi and Lettuce ready for harvest

While Rob was the master gardener for the garden, Mel began honing her craft inside the house.

Mel, with her eye for style, noticed that it was very difficult to find beautiful indoor planters that have drainage holes and saucers. Most of what you would find was either no drainage hole or ugly (or overpriced).

What We Do

Our mission is to find you the perfect plant and planter combination that is right for your home and lifestyle, taking into consideration light and plant-care requirements. You provide the love for your plant, we will provide the know-how. 

See our beautiful plants for sale for yourself. 

Source the Plants 

Sourcing the plants is the most fun and the most tedious. We work with countless South Florida nurseries to find perfect specimens. Sometimes it takes 2-3 separate trips and over a dozen nurseries to find exactly what we are looking for. 

Why does it take so long?

We have a very stringent check-list when it comes to selecting a plant that we will feature. 

  • Healthy Plant
  • Right Size
  • Right Shape
  • Overall Quality

1) Health

It must be healthy which is not always easy with South Florida's wet season. Many house plants (ZZ and Snake specifically) like it dry and our summer can cause some significant diseases or fungi. 

The Summer of 2020 was very wet and caused some significant snake plant fungus. Due to our constant threat from hurricanes, many South Florida nurseries are not covered by anything more than shade netting.

This means that a rainy stretch will leave most plants soaked. This can unfortunately cause plant diseases like root rot or leaf fungus. 

We try to avoid this problem by selecting healthy looking plants with the appropriate soil moisture. Not the easiest thing to do sometimes. 

2) Size

Selecting the plant that is the right size is essential too. When we re-pot our plants into their respective planters, it is important for the move to be an upgrade for the plant.

This will give the plant's roots a chance to expand, find more nutrients and provide a solid foundation for leaf growth. 

3) Shape

Good luck telling a plant how to grow. You can help certain plants by rotating them so they grow even, but how a plant will branch and stretch towards the light is written in its DNA. 

That gives every plant a unique story and look. 

Symmetry in some plants is desired, while an abstract look is desired by others. 

We don't just select the right size and a healthy plant, we make sure the look is perfect. Some will be eclectic while some will look like perfectly symmetrical faux plants. 

4) Quality

When we find the right size, shape and healthy plant, we give it a once over to make sure it passes our quality check. We look for ripped leaves or a stem that is loose that would be an indication it is not up to our standard. 

If it passes our quality check, we add it to the basket!

Pairing Plants and Planters

Every plant can look better in the right planter, basket or plant stand. The key is to find the right one!

In our living room, we usually lay out dozens of plants and dozens of planters and mix and match hundreds of pairings until we find what we like. 

We will style it, think about it, and if we still like it, we pair them together and set them aside for repotting. 


We will repot every plant that we sell. 

We will use our special soil mix with fertilizer included so you do not have to worry about adding plant food for at least 6 months. 

We add special barriers to ideally keep all the soil in the pot.  You do not have to worry about leaving a trail of soil when removing the plant to water it. 

Many South Florida nurseries will use more of an "outdoor" soil mix for their plants. We often exchange some of that soil for our "indoor" soil mix that has good drainage while retaining moisture for one to two weeks so you do not have to water it every other day.

We repot the plants so you do not have to!


If your plant basket requires accessories, we will include them!  Examples: a liner or something to boost the plant to its ideal height.

We know all the tricks of the trade to make sure your plant is styled right without harming the plant. 


If you so choose, we will deliver your plant to you in Miami!

If you're ready - buy now!

Plant Guide / Research

If you are hesitant about buying plants because you are unsure what to do, don't worry! We will provide all the research you need to take excellent care of your plants. 

Check out our plant guide.

Furthermore, we are super easy to reach via email or DM on instagram if you are experiencing any odd plant challenges: a yellow leaf or two, signs of under or over watering or questions about proper light for your plant baby.

Just snap a picture and send it over! We will work with you on solving the mystery. 

If something drastic happens and the plant 💀 on you, we will replace most plants free-of-charge within the first 2 months.

Further Education

Stay in the loop of our plant adventures by following our blog - The Life of Plants