Low Light Plants

Here we are showcasing some of our favorite Low Light Plant solutions. If you like something, screenshot it and message us in Instagram or via e-mail and we will let you know if we have one in stock or have some coming soon. 

ZZ Plants make the perfect plant for any spot in your home. You only need to water them once per month and come in all different sizes. 

We love these medium-sized ZZ plants. We have anywhere from 5-10 in our house at any moment. Anyone can take care of them, making them perfect gifts. 

What more can we say about Snake plants in baskets? Everyone should have at least 2 around their house. Snake plants can thrive anywhere (low light or high light and everything in between), plus they only need to be watered once per month. 

We loved this textured concrete collection - perfect for pairing low light ZZs and Snakes. 

The Silver Bay, the most lush of our low-light collection, can come in table-top sizes or in this extra large floor stand.