The Life of Plants - Introduction

Welcome to The Silver Garden Co's blog The Life of Plants. The name is in homage to a 3rd year Biology course Rob took as an undergraduate student at University College London called "The Life of Plants."

The name of that class actually played a small role in why he chose to study at UCL. He figured that if the courses he would take could be as specific to call one "The Life of Plants" it would have to be a good program. 

The purpose of this blog is to provide as much information about plants as possible. We will answer questions such as:

"How much should I water my plants?"

"What is the perfect plant for this light?"

"How does chlorophyll work?"

"Can you explain management practices of reintroducing endangered species?"

Please stay tuned, as this spot will be full of information - it will basically be your Plant-Nurse on speed dial.